Developing products that are first-in-class with unique mechanism of action and are different from those of existing therapies

Pharmazz, Inc. is an innovative biopharmaceutical company with an approved product, promising drug pipeline focused on discovering, acquiring, developing, and commercializing therapeutics that target critical care medicine.

The company offers centhaquine under the brand name Lyfaquin® in India for the treatment of hypovolemic shock. We brought this innovative product from bench to bedside in 10 years.

The lead product of the company, centhaquine, is a highly effective resuscitative agent that showed an absolute reduction in 28-day all-cause mortality by 9% in patients with hypovolemic shock. Pharmazz is working the US FDA to initiate clinical studies with the intention to commercialize centhaquine in the USA. Development of centhaquine for septic shock, acute kidney injury, cardiac arrest, and shock in terminal stage of COVID-19 is also being pursued by the company.


Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders are a leading cause of disability and second most important reason for deaths in the world. Some of the major CNS disorders include stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injury, neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, etc.

The company realized importance of endothelin B receptors in the CNS, in neural development and protection, and their involvement in neurovascular disorders. Pharmazz, Inc. is developing endothelin B receptor agonist, sovateltide, as a drug candidate for treating neurological and neurovascular diseases. Sovateltide is in mid to late clinical stage for indication such as cerebral ischemic stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and acute spinal cord injury.

In addition, it develops PMZ-2123 for the treatment of an undisclosed indication.

Pharmazz, Inc. was incorporated in 2010 and is a Delaware corporation based in Willowbrook, Illinois.