Developing products that are first-in-class with unique mechanism of action and are different from those of existing therapies


Pharmazz is based in USA and engaged in developing and acquiring a broad and diverse pipeline of products related to critical care medicine. The company has a strong pipeline behind two leading programs, all focused on large market opportunities. It has a strong management team with extensive pharmaceutical research and development, and commercialization experience.

The company has a research center in Greater Noida, India which is conducting drug discovery and development from concept to regulatory approval. Pharmazz has established a subsidiary in United Kingdom to assist in European regulatory activities. It has research collaborations with Chicago based Midwestern University and The University of Illinois. The company is constantly building upon existing and new relationships and leveraging those relationships around the world to assist in the development and commercialization of its pipeline products.


Pharmazz is privately owned and has raised funds thus far from NIH grant, friends & family, high net worth individuals and family offices. It has a clean balance sheet and capitalization table with only common stock, no convertible preferreds or warrants and minimal debt. Pharmazz has approximately 16.5 million common shares outstanding.